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Steam Sentry is an additional up to date on of custody that can be applied to your Steam account. The pre-eminent up on of certainty on your account is your login credentials: your Steam account name and password. With Steam Escort, a second above-board of custodianship is applied to your account, making it harder in the service of your Steam account to go to ruin into the felonious hands.

When Steam Guard is enabled on your account, you'll privation to purvey a determined code to login from an unrecognized device. Depending on your Steam Look after settings, you'll either come into an email with the distinctive lex scripta 'statute law' or you'll get it from the Steam Mobile app on your smartphone.

How do I franchise Steam Defend via email?
Steam Defence is enabled nearby negligence on your Steam account if your email is verified and you hold restarted Steam twice on your computer since verifying your email. If you procure inoperative Steam Defend, and request to reactivate it, see fit go along with the instructions below:

Be ineluctable your correspond with email location is verified with Steam.
You must show your contact email apply oneself to with Steam. You can at whether your email speak is already verified near visiting Account Details page. A verified address commitment be patent as "Verified." Learn how to verify your email address.

Depute - sda steam in Steam Settings.
While logged into the Steam customer, you can entrust Steam Stand watch over by clicking on "Steam" in the crop heraldry sinister хэнд corner of the client. Then Privileged "Settings", and click "Be in charge of Steam Stand watch over Account Security" beneath the "Account" tab. On the page that appears, excellent "Absorb Steam Guard codes by email (inclination require you to re-login)".

That's it! With Steam Screw enabled, you whim be asked to take the celebratory access cipher sent to your email address each formerly you login to Steam from an unrecognized device.

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